Overview Openshift

The term automation has reduced the workload of the technical team to a greater extent. For the same, the need of learning certain tools required in this stream has leveled up. Today we are going to get an overview of one such high-demanding, often heard ‘Openshift’.

Little History

What is Openshift?

The cloud provides three basic cloud computing models IAAS: Infrastructure As A Service, PAAS: Platform As A service, and SAAS: Software As A Service. OpenShift is Redhat’s Platform as a service offering.


The flavors enrich the taste of everything and anything. It provides whole new options to choose from. Likewise, the Openshift service has also come up with reliable flavors to supplement the technical team.


More Insight


OpenShift builds upon these technologies by providing a layer of tool that abstracts the underlying Kubernetes and infrastructure management tasks to help developers easily deploy and manage their applications.



Growth Of Openshift:

Case Study: FORD and Openshift


  • Improved productivity with the standardized development environment and self-service provisioning
  • Enhanced security with enterprise technology from Red Hat and continuous monitoring provided by Sysdig
  • Significantly reduced hardware costs by running OpenShift on bare metal

Significantly increased developer productivity

Enhanced security and compliance with enterprise container and monitoring technology

For its success using OpenShift for modern automotive development and using digital technology to serve customers, Ford was recognized with a 2020 Red Hat Innovation Award

From expert’s corner




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Divyanshu Sharma

Divyanshu Sharma

Are you reading ? Cause I am writing :)

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