Java-Script: The UI Language

Animations, designs have halted the human's eyes for a while. How long we have relished colors? Since, ever. Anything that's more than mere colors but engaging animations, comely objects, and vivid backgrounds have our eyes.

What is UI?

What is HTML?

What is CSS?

What is JavaScript?

The whole and sole idea of javascript are to create an interactive user interface.

The growing trend of JavaScript

Insatgram And JavaScript

  • Javascript and React.js are used for UI development,
  • React Native is used for cross-platform mobile app development,
  • Python/ Django is used on the server-side,
  • PostgreSQL is used as a database,
  • Amazon S3 is used as a cloud computing service,
  • Webpack is used for DevOps tasks.

JavaScript thus has created amazingly brilliant UI design serving millions of users. It is being widely used not only by Instagram but Google, Youtube, and any other big company you can imagine. According to Google stats, javascript is going to be the booming language in the full-stack domain in the coming years.



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