Celebrating a wonderful two-day workshop

The two-day git /git hub workshop organized by LinuxWorld, taught by Vimal Sir was far more than just delivering notes. Vimal sir is undoubtedly a complete package of knowledge. This adds to the plus in this workshop, which made it a great one. Unlike the other workshops in the technical world, it taught the true meaning of “ Practical Implication”.

Starting with the question of what git and GitHub actually are to how we imply it in the real world. The session had it all. It dealt with the concepts of SCM (source code management), DVCS-VCS(Version control systems). It showed what branching and switching actually are. I always wondered why this tool has acknowledged such a place in present times and now I know it all.

Not only was it a session of git but also other technologies integrated with it. To mention, the concept of Github using Jenkins was very well demonstrated. The real use cases of sharing, editing, pulling, pushing GitHub repository was not only discussed but presented practically as well. Also learned about the tools i.e gitkraken, p4merge. Got an insight into CI/CD pipelines, webhooks, commit, and clone. The drive link containing all the demonstration commands and the tools was also provided for future reference. There cannot be another say in the fact that practical learning always overpowers the simple lecture delivery.

It was not merely a workshop, but a true training. Teaching all the concepts, clearing all the doubts, vanishing the myths. After this session, I can proudly add another skill to my resume. The perfect weekend with the perfect workshop.

If you are someone keen to learn not to cram, to apply not to recite the concepts then LinuxWorld workshops are the place for you.

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