Face-Recognition using python

If you have ever wandered around the apps like face-lock, then this is a short self practical that can do a similar kind of job for you. The task is to create a code that will recognize your face and then send an email to you or a WhatsApp text or launch an instance over AWS cloud.

How did it come to play?

What is computer vision?

The Computer and Mind

  1. Dataset: A dataset will contain thousands of images of a face or object that you want a computer to recognize for you.
  2. Data model: Once the data has been created you need to make the computer learn and understand it. The computer will interpret the data before predicting it. This requires a model which helps in this process.
  3. Data training: The next step is to train the machine with the dataset and ask it for output when a similar photograph is encountered.

How does computer vision work?

So, let's begin with the task.

Step 1: Collect the dataset

Step 2: The next step is to train the data collected.

Step3: Running the facial recognization Model

Sending Mail

Sending WhatsApp message




Are you reading ? Cause I am writing :)

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Divyanshu Sharma

Divyanshu Sharma

Are you reading ? Cause I am writing :)

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