Implementation using Dijkstra’s Algorithm.

Before moving towards OSPF which is a routing protocol let us get an overview of what is a routing protocol. The network devised between the systems is mainly to send information from source to destination. These network packets, therefore, must have a destination to be reached.

Among the many routers and networks, the routing tables decide the path that can be followed by these packets. Routing protocols thus come up to help to set up these routing tables. There are many routing protocols depending upon the use cases. One such routing protocol is OSPF.

The acronym…

Clustering Algorithm For Machine Learning

K-Mean Clustering is the wholesome idea of Machine Learning. Unlike the older concepts making a machine learning with some sort of data containing both the “x” and “y”, where “y” is the targetted value which can be further used to determine the next value. But there might be some use cases where the previously known “y” value is known.

For instance, imagine your mother sends you to buy some vegetables from the market telling you all the shops she mostly buys from. In such a case, your probability of buying the vegetable depends upon the previously visited shops.

Sending emails and WhatsApp messages …

If you have ever wandered around the apps like face-lock, then this is a short self practical that can do a similar kind of job for you. The task is to create a code that will recognize your face and then send an email to you or a WhatsApp text or launch an instance over AWS cloud.

To start with we must have a little knowledge of how things are executed and what are the pre-requisites for performing this practical. Starting with face recognition. In the 1960s, Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Wolf, and Charles…

Animations, designs have halted the human's eyes for a while. How long we have relished colors? Since, ever. Anything that's more than mere colors but engaging animations, comely objects, and vivid backgrounds have our eyes.

The industry has created a whole separate domain extolling the efforts of the developers who are somewhat liable for all this. Yes, talking about the blooming facet of UI/UX. The user interface is a bridge linking the user and developer. Undoubtedly, the more striking the bridge is more users would like to come over it. For instance, let us say there are the following two…

The task is to analyze a dataset by using python and generate the targetted value over a docker container.

The requirement of this fast-moving world is to reduce latency in any case. Running a Machine learning model over a docker container not only saves time but also saves memory.

The hype of the word “ MongoDB” isn’t hidden in the contemporary junctures. With the years flowing, the prominence of databases has graced the highlight of the companies around. The IT industries and technologies offer a handful amount of database software that can be practiced depending on the use case.

Linux world organised “The Shell Scripting Workshop ” . It was a two-day workshop to know the entire process of how and what the shell is really about .

Starting from the basic Linux command to creating your own function through scripts . Unlike other workshops this one was from basic to all the possible real life use cases of shell scripting.

In the 8-hours long workshop we discussed about the interview questions that a person might encounter . There was a well off discussion of the ' awk and sed ' command and it’s benefits. Sorting list , arranging , editing , looping, piping , retrieving and using iterations to fulfill the required use cases.

Would like to express gratitude to LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd and Vimal sir for such great workshops and practical!!

What is a load balancer?

Load balancing refers to efficiently distributing incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers, also known as a server farm or server pool

A load balancer acts as the “traffic cop” sitting in front of your servers and routing client requests across all servers capable of fulfilling those requests in a manner that maximizes speed and capacity utilization and ensures that no one server is overworked, which could degrade performance. If a single server goes down, the load balancer redirects traffic to the remaining online servers. …

Integrating technologies …

Integration of technologies will not only help to get a better insight into them but will also lead you to understand the real-life use cases for the same. The interesting task here is to create ansible roles that will launch the Kubernetes cluster i.e. a Kubernetes master and Kubernetes worker node over AWS Cloud.

Learn docker basics and run a GUI app over docker

The title of the article speaks for itself. Before moving ahead towards the practical let us get know-how about what are terms used in the title.

Let’s have a quick look at what is Docker.

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